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Welcome to The Farmers Wiki

A game to teach and learn cooperation, competition and coordination. The Tragedy of the Farmers, or simply The Farmers, is a game that illustrates the tragedy of the commons in a fun to learn way. The designers of the game are open to suggestions comments and revisions. Please feel free to email us (Tom Fennewald and Brent Kievit-Kylar) at tom.fennewald[at] or add your comments to the recommend revisions and additions section below. We look forward to hearing from you!


An image of cards from The Farmers prototype.


Full rules can be found here.

Recommended Revisions & Modifications

We invite you to make your own recommedations for revisions, additions, and modifications, as well as to comment on the game and use of it in your classroom or in parties. We also have a few a few of our own which may be seen here. Please email for membership if you would like to join our wiki!


Please look here to access printable files of the cards.

Academic Papers

Several academic papers have been written about The Farmers.


We would like to thank our playtesters including: Sharon Lindenfeld, Gabe Recchia, Ellen Jameson, Ted Castronova, Rafi Santo, Greg Cox, Alex Ashkin, Jacob Bower-Bir (and his class), and many others we have met at conferences and house parties. Thank you!


Please feel free to contact Tom and Brent at tom.fennewald [at] We can provide you access rights if you would like to contribute suggestions and modifications to the wiki.